Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Let It Roll

I love Casinos...OMG! He did not just say that! I know, half of you just gasped with fear, twenty-five percent just started to rebuke and pray for me. But before you pass judgment take a moment...Take a gamble on what words are in front of you. You might just like it. A casino is just another visual depiction of life. From the entrance, or beginning, you're entry is based off your age, whether you're eligible to be allowed in. Once drug through the zodiac, eye color, address, zip code and identity check questions you'll be let in. You're first time in is mesmerizing, much like you're first steps through life. The lights, the sounds, the people all tingle through you, sparking every sense into a caffeinated high. It's exhilarating. But it's just like life. Filled with highs and lows, sights and sounds, happiness and sadness. Segregated by high and low limit table and machines, all demanding your attention to pick a number, a color, a side, or an end result. Take a seat in any spot and be zoned into the moment. Hit. Stand. Fold. Double. Raise. Press it. Evens. Odds. Take your pick. In the walls of the building include every comparison of what you're going through. Call it a chance, brave, challenge, venture or risk...Call it whatever you want, but you do it every day. Win some. Lose some. You have to keep on your game. You can play safe, but you'll win small. Play big, lose big, win big. Take your eyes off the prize for one second and you could lose the thought, opportunity or moment to up the stakes and come out on top. No one else can play the game for you. It's up to you. Wait for the right opportunity and might miss another. Wait for the right opportunity and it might take too long. Every second is a gamble. You disagree? You took a gamble. You always do. You gambled with wearing that shirt today. With what you said to your boss. Your friend. Your loved one. You gambled getting out of bed that you would make it through today. You gamble with believing what's true, real, right or wrong. You aren't guaranteed a win, but you can take the steps to make sure you come through ok. I'm taking a gamble that the other 25 percent of you are actually taking this in, seeing that everything around you is because someone took a gamble on you. Four cards down, one more decides it all. One more pull of the arm. The wheel spins. The dice roll. Your odds are out. What's it going to be? Fold? Take a chance? Make that gamble? Let it ride and Defy The Odds.