Sunday, October 9, 2011

Support A Cause


Real Men wear pink. Better Men wear it for a cause. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Show Your Support and Inspire. Be The Revolution

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I know it's difficult sometimes. Things don't always go as planned. As the sun rises, so do new challenges and tasks that test our very existence. Every second we're faced with a choice that effects our future. It's as if life were a huge game of chess, one wrong move, you lose your advantage, and possibly lose the game. Every piece plays a part, no matter how far or what direction each piece moves, it still has a great effect to the game.

Picture yourself standing there.

All around your acquaintances, your pawns, there's more of them than anyone else. Doesn't seem like they do much, but if they weren't there, you're life would be more vulnerable to attack. Cherish your acquaintances, you might forget their names, they might be distant, but they are there for a purpose. And even sometimes if they make it to the end with you, they become more.

The next, keep life moving forward and direct, the Rooks are our jobs, skills, trades, and talents. They may move back and forth in front of us, but they keep us going forward. But when things get tough we have the option to take a step back and look at where we're going. They have great purpose, but not many directions. Each person's Rooks may be different than the next, but they serve the same purpose. A purpose of advancement.

The Knights are our materials and effects, whether necessity or desire. Our homes, cars, clothes, music, and social networks create the personality of us. Every other piece is more direct, but our Knight shows the curve of who we are. Strangely placed just right to wrap around our lives. It tells our swag, our style, and our dare to be who we want to be.

Your faith, beliefs, hopes, dreams, and even fears are your Bishop. It separates us mentally from the rest, with the ability to indirectly affect our lives. No matter how many times we move, or no matter how long the game, we will always be on the same color mind set we started.

The best part about these three is if we lose one, there's another chance to take our other Rook, Knight, or Bishop for a little back-up and make more of an impact on our lives.

The Queen is our everything. She's our family, our closest of friends, and those there for us in any way possible. She helps us through the hard times. Makes sacrifices when she needs to. And even if we lose her, sometimes comes back. She's by our side from the beginning, and fights harder than anything. She is worthy of her title.

All of these pieces, people, characteristics, and things come together for one purpose, to overcome, to make a stand, to become victorious, and to protect the King. You are the ruler, director, and the King in this game. You have everything you need to win. To become everything you want. To overcome. You have every piece you need to rule your world right at your fingertips. It's your time to become a revolution and show everyone you are more than you ever expected. It's right in front of you. As simple as black and white. It's time to keep moving.

It's your move.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Beat Of The World

Check your pulse. Are you alive? But are you living? Feel your pulse. Feel the beat. That's the beat of your life. Just like music, the beat keeps us alive. We dance. We sing. We move. It makes us smile, it makes us cry. Music has been the way of life since the creation of time. With so many genre's, the music culture is the greatest influence in lives all over the world. From the sleepless streets of New York, to the festivals of Rio de Janeiro, to roaring pubs of Dublin, to the desolate plains of South Africa, to the fortuned population of Tokyo, and to the beaches of Honolulu, music makes the world flow.

Music is the universal, timeless connection the world has. One chart topping hit has the power to travel the world in seconds. The revolution of music has been more epic than anything in time, with the transition from LP's, to 8-tracks, to cassette tapes, to CD's, to MP3's, to satellite and internet radio. It segued to new heights in the past 70 years that no one could have predicted. There’s no denying music has been a part of the history of life, we grow with it. We love one generation of music, and hate the next. However we all come together for that one special song that makes the right moment perfect through the year. We remember old acquaintances in the first few seconds, say I love you, fight our Irish out, Mariachi out, sing blessings on the 4th, sing spells to ghouls and goblins, and watch red nose reindeer.

We have our driving songs. We have our church songs. We have our club songs. We have our funeral songs. We have long summer day songs, and long winter night songs. We have songs stapled to memories, and memories stapled to songs. We have songs that makes us rock, songs that make us jive, songs that calm us down, songs that rile us up, songs that break us down, and songs that build us up. We all have a song we wake up to, and we have a song we go to bed to. We have a beat. We have a rhythm. We have a message. We have a life. Put them together and we have a song for the world. Never stop singing. Never stop dancing. Never stop the beat.

Stage Of Life

Shakespeare definitely had it right when he said, "All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts..." I think it's forgotten from time to time that we all have a part to play in this world. We never fully understand what our sole purpose is, but we will see other's. Friends, family, and even total strangers help paint an astounding picture of who we are. The epic thought of the stranger next to us is shadowed by the simplicity of the word stranger. Just like a friend or family member, they have a purpose in your life. Whether it be for the moment you're experiencing or another fateful encounter. There is a part that human being is playing in the stage of your life. Cherish every moment you spend in life, you never know when your last curtain call will be.


Jeremiah 29:11 (The Message)

I know what I'm doing. I have it all planned out-plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.


In Memory of a father, a grandfather, a husband, a brother, a son, the humble, the caring, the security, the direction, the best tour bus driver I've ever seen. He'd give you the shirt off his back, and today I take my hat off to you. My life will be forever changed because of you friend.


Paul Trice, I love you and I will never forget you.

Be The Revolution

Be The Revolution.

This is a statement of promise.

This is a declaration of life.

This is an assurance of a better way.

I, ______________________________________, do hereby promise to live to the utmost greatness for the duration of this God given blessed life.
(Print Name)

I will wake up every morning with the will for an epic purpose, whatever your impressively great reason for being may be. I will help those in need for the just cause of being there for them. I will never let anyone discount me, and will drown their insolent opinions or comments with nothing more than what is necessary without lowering my standards. I will donate in whatever way feasibly possible to better the lives of those around me. I will spend every moment exhausting the importance of Life to the audiences of the world. I will change the world with only one life to live. I will live to Be The Revolution.

I will never let anyone come between me and my principles. I will make a difference through the avenues of responsibility which have been given to me. I will vote when reasonably necessary, because my vote counts. I will do whatever it takes to stand for what I believe in. I will justify my reasoning and purpose when necessary, because my place in life matters. I will change the world with only one life to live. I will live to Be The Revolution.

Pursuit of Happiness:
I will go above and beyond my means to carry out a beautiful day, no matter the circumstances. I will play all day. I will dance all night. I will run faster. I will walk slower. I will climb higher. I will see more everything. I will instill an upstanding, respectful work ethic toward any vocational opportunity, and absorb the knowledge and prospects to better my life. I will do more everything. I will travel outside of my comfort and try new things, unless considered demeaning to my personal belief. No matter where I end up, I will never forget where I came from. I will change the world with only one life to live. I will live to Be The Revolution.

By signing this I confidently concur with the above.

I will Be The Revolution...

____________________________________________________ _______________________
(Signature) (Date)

(Contact Info--Cell,Email,Address)

This should be the statement of Life, this is for you to consider. It's time to stop mediocrity. It's time to step up and live. If you would like me to hold you to this; print it off, fill in the information, and send it to me. All I ask is that you stop, take a look around, and make sure you're getting the most out of Life.

What did I do during 2010?

1 year. 12 months. 52 weeks. 365 days. 8,765 hours. 525,948 minutes. 31,555,926 seconds.


What did I do during 2010?  


January 1st I was freezing down on Grand, in St. Louis, for First Night, with Emmanuel Gutierrez. We watched the clock, the insane Juggling Jeff, listening to the incredible abilities of The Cadence Drumline, and taking pictures on what would become an absolute staple for me, my Droid. Gained a new friend for life who forever makes me smile, thank you Tiffany Axton. Dominated the building of the Arch at the Science Center with Larissa Hunt, Jared Hunt, Riley Ries, Logan Braswell, Josh Walker, Veronica Schwartz, Sam DeWald, and others. Took a ride in Grease Lightning with Amanda Tate and Taylor Hicks at The Fabulous Fox. Then both of us drooled over the beautiful cars at the St. Louis Auto Show. We celebrated Amanda’s 21st birthday with a night filled with Olive Garden, Brunswick bowling, and friends. And I cried at the devastation left from the Earthquake in a country all too familiar to my family. Haiti, I love you, my grandpa Carlton Barton loved you, and you will forever be in my prayers.


On February 6th I shaved my head, for the first time ever, and raised over $1,000 in donations for my beautiful Aunt Erica Albert to help her fight Ovarian Cancer. The unfinished video of the whole process gained almost 25,000 views on YouTube from, literally, all over the world. Followed by a flop of 106 views for two syrups jars vomiting into a cup at IHOP with Ryan Tate and Erica Anderson. I branded and predicted the greatness of the year with a toast at Epicly Everafter, our Valentine’s Banquet for the youth group, as we all embarked on a new Endeavour with Aaron Batchelor and Breanna Batchelor.


In March I fooled the world with my Danny Gokey look-a-like profile picture on Facebook. Created an ongoing list of Rules I will forever abide by and challenge others with. Rule #1 - Live. Rule #2 Love. Rule#3 – Laugh. Rule#4 Learn. Rule#5 Laugh. Dance. Conquer. Rule #6, I like it quiet in the morning. Rule#8 Don't be stupid. Rule#10 Be Epic!!! Rule #11 - Enjoy the little things. Rule #12 Never settle with doubt. Rule #13. Don't just Live in the moment Rule #14, No regrets. Rule#16 Take Time to Breath Rule #18 Always wear deodorant. Rule #24, Christmas lights should be gone no later than the first week in January. Rule #28 - Step outside of the box. Rocked out with Kristin Sims at the John Mayer & Michael Franti & Spearhead concert. Downed disgusting Lemon Water from Sonic with Brianna Whitman. Bugged Lindsay Stephenson as much as possible at Verizon.


In April, Amanda, Riley and I traveled as the three best friends anyone could have to Missouri Youth Convention in Kansas City. Anxiously waited for an update on my phone with Issa David. Zac Klinedinst, Riley Ries, Jeremiah Klinedinst, Sam DeWald, Amanda Tate, Tyler Cummings, and I gave a going away night to the beautiful and talented Kalee Christian, as she moved on to warmer weather and pastoral duties. Stopped tasting our tongues and Road tripped with Amanda, Sam, Riley, Tiffany A., and Jeremy Prino to Lambert’s in Sikeston, Missouri as one of the five best friends anyone could have. Made new friends, incredible memories, and great BBQ with Joanna Moncayo, Chris Chiodo, and Courtlyn Martin. Gained an awesome friend and wonderful mentor in Louis Green at A’mis in O’Fallon, and finished with a nice talk over tickets with the Missouri Highway Patrol.


In May, I decided to make a stand a create a better Life by spreading Love and Peace Pics, from random everywhere’s from Summer Ratcliff to Southwest Airlines love from Charollotte Andriotis. I added sweet, loud, crisp, clean SkullCandy Full Metal Jacket headphones to my effects, and name my phone The Alfred Droid, it felt fitting. I gave a “Congratulations” toast to Alex Braswell, Riley Ries, Lerie Gabriel, Amy Henson, Lindsay Sims, Tyler Cummings, Christi Crossley, and Alyssa Morgan, the high school/college graduates of the year. Laughed until I cried watch Young Frankenstein at The Fabulous Fox with Amanda Tate. Shed a tear watching the Special Olympics Torch journeyed down the highway. Watched another finale of American Idol with my favorite family, Jeramy Hearn, Heather Hearn, and Carter Hearn.


In June, I received hundreds of Birthday wishes while playing golf with Sam DeWald. Then beginning a scavenger hunt starting with one envelope, which lead me to Applebee’s where Sam DeWald handed me a clue and Mountain Dew with strawberry and mango. Then met Riley Ries at Target who had another clue and brownies. After I found Brittany Drummond at QT with a Monster energy drink and hint, that led me to a rendition of Chris Daughtry’s Home sang by Tyler Cummings at Gateway. All of this put together lead me to my home, where a surprise birthday party was waiting. Thank you Amanda Tate for the best Birthday Part I’ve ever had. Partied with Sonny Albert and Lois Albert at their 50th Anniversary party in Hannibal.


In July, we celebrated and watched Fireworks on top of a parking garage with Leann Drummond, Jared Thacker, Malorie McClintock and more. Had Chai Tea Latte with Angel Taylor and Kim Pitts, and found Natasha Bedingfield’s Touch with Becca Da’nae Radford. Had a Family Reunion in Hannibal and met Robin Carnahan. Wow… that was a fast month. All that was left was a long night at the City Museum with all my peoples and Morgan Sharkhetti.


Only 2 days into August and I had the day from hell at work, my truck broke down and ended up having an 18 hour work day… ok, so it wasn’t all that bad cause the paycheck was NICE! Went to the first and only Cardinals game with Anthony Telano, Chasity Shea Telano, Dylan Brown, and Arianna Telano; the Astros beat the Cards just for Dylan. Saw Mark Wahlberg, Will Ferrell, and the “Mayor” of the Delmar Loop in Chesterfield, then experienced sweet heavenly goodness from an Apple Crumble at Brickhouse. Plugged in my new computer and closed out the old laptop. Then adventured with The Expendables... that movie was so awesome. And I found out What had happen was, wasn’t always what had happened.


September 1st I heard the great statement ever, “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful.” Words to live by, remember them. Got Flash Player on my phone and attempted to show Carissa Marie that Android is much better than iPhone, she’s stubborn, but beautiful so it’s ok. Kept my silence and memories on 9/11. And voted for the New Life Youth Group to venture out as Fusion Youth Ministries. Watched the greatest father ever, Darrell Barton hit… 50 years old… yeah, for real I know. Shhh…he’s old now.


In October Riley helped me find the coolest paint ever, IdeaPaint. Seriously, check this stuff out it’s awesome… still haven’t used it, but I will some day. Finally remembered I still had a MySpace, but could never remember my password. Started wonderful religious controversy between John Willis and Michael Henson and another group of people, and challenged them to Richard Simmons their minds. Had an awesome weekend! Watched Dylan Anderson& Ryan Tate play Ping Pong withErica Anderson,Brittany Cozart,Amanda Tate, Riley Ries, and Euvila Clayton Shields, creating one of the greatest inside jokes… ever. Went to Praise in the Park at Silver Dollar City in Branson with the Missouri Youth District. Was inspired by the movie “It’s Kind of a Funny Story.” Announced my Presidential campaign for 2020, with Summer Ratcliff as my running mate. Finished up with becoming Tony Stark/IronMan after many, many hours of working on the costume.


In November, I embarked on a life changing book called SoulPancake, by Rainn Wilson. No Joke, BUY THIS BOOK!!! You will not regret it. On the 10th, my beautiful and patient mother, Sarah Barton, began the next epic chapter of her life by having gastric bypass surgery. It’s a task, but one I know she is able to handle. Flew to Austin, TX the next day for some Austin Vows, the marriage of my best friend, secretary, and person I owe so much to, Bethany Urshan to Andrew Urshan, sorry your intro isn’t as special Andrew. I toured all over and made some incredible new friends, Angela Pyles in particular who I will never forget. Thanks for the Sixth Street experience. Was blessed by Chuck Carr at Youth Retreat. And filled from Thanksgiving in Hannibal and then Wentzville. Then finished with a challenge for myself on the 29th, no cell phone, no Facebook, no Twitter, no social butterfly, and no Starbucks for one week… yes, I did it too. It was difficult, but it was good. I urge all of you to try it once.


Now in December, I began recharged from my sabbatical. Received my personalized Gold Starbucks card for all of the caffeine I’ve chugged. Had a blast with a poker game with the friends. Did all kinds of shopping. Began and finished an incredible book called “It’s Kind of a Funny Story”, yes, that created the movie. You should definitely read this book too. I read more now than I ever did, and I love it. Christmas was wonderful, my dad slept all the way to Nashville. It was good to see Kyle Jennings, Amber Jennings, Kent Jennings, Tiphany Jennings, Chester Jennings, Debbie Jennings, Mckenna, and Kendra, I haven’t seen them in so long. I love you guys. It was wonderful to see my beautiful cousin Laura Albert too, you are so amazing and nothing will stand in your way. And, of course, I ALWAYS adore seeing Erica Albert, she brightens every moment I get to spend with her. Then there’s the one who I respect more than he’ll ever know, John Albert. Smart, funny, talented, patient, loving, and genuine, I love you John. Keep strong. I haven’t left out Cameron Albert out of this whole thing, I just didn’t get to see him, I love you and I’m more proud of you then you’ll ever imagine.


And so brings me to right now, here I am December 31, 2010. I’m sitting in my living room finishing up all of this, I haven’t slept all night, but I feel great. This year has been everything I started it to be…Epic. It’s been filled with Peace and Love. Spontaneous and adventurous. Beautiful and complete. . What did I do during 2010? No, the question is What didn’t I do during 2010? I’ve finished numerous writings this year. Became a Gold Status member at Starbucks. Sent over 83,000 … yes eighty-three thousand text messages. Had the best memories with David Guetta, found out who to live for with Katy Perry, stared at Angels with Akon, flirted with the beautiful girls with Bruno Mars, woke up in the morning with Kesha, just threw my hands in the air with Taio Cruz, and Laughed, Danced, & Conquered with Ellen. God blessed me this year more than I would have ever imagined. I want to finish with some of my quotes from the year and a little extra, I hope you enjoy. I've whatever wherever whenever with whoever, however never ever known whyever, but now I do. Because we get one chance and one opportunity. Make a new memory or keep an old dream. Don't pass it up. It'll be worth it. No regrets. When you step out onto the huge stage of Life today. Don't disappoint. Make them laugh. Make them feel love. Make them feel alive. And the same will happen to you. Because With the rising of the sun, so do many opportunities. Don't miss them. And remember An Epic Life is just an ellipsis away! So don't get so caught up in the success to the point you forget why you're here. It’s ok to be selfish sometimes, so don't go for a million, go for a billion. Don't want just one Ferrari, want 5. Don't just meet one person, meet the world! Do Everything More, Because this is Life. One day at a time. Some better than others. Few better than all. None better than one. I’m just watching every other day pass while I wait for the one. Be kind. Be strong. March on. Today. Tomorrow. Forever. Always. Love. Laugh. Live. Live Epic. Live Today. Live Now. Peace!!!

In My Head 6

In My Head
Moving toward the shadows
Not much to be said
I'm just gonna play my piano

But First,
Let me rewind my mind
From this moment in time
Seeming so sublime
And Nothing of a crime
We always act like we're fine
Blind to the sign
That warns our sweet mind
Yet I sit and I cry
Lord I Just want to die

So here we are
Alone in the shadows
Clothed by the dark
I'm Just gonna play my piano

But first,
I wanna shout
Let everything out
All the words are stuck in a drought
Devastation about
Trapped in doubt
I fear I won't have more love to give out

Time ticks by
Almost through the shadows
No more tears to cry
So I'm just gonna play my piano

I'm confused and tired
In need of my heart filled with the fire
But nothing transpires
Not preaching just to me, I am speaking to the choir
Your head is not up, please don't be a liar
Look into his eyes and see your heart's desire

Smile now friend
We're through the shadows
Before the end
I'm just gonna play my piano

In My Head 5

Why should we have to wait til night
To conjure an idea of a wish we like?
Just because it's not a starry night
Doesn't mean we can't close our eyes & try
To find a brighter light.
Deep inside this beautiful life.
Take a moment to use your sight.
Look up for great insight.
Don't worry who's around despite
The crazy thoughts creating fright.
Your wish will come as a delight.
It would be tight.
If it came at the same time
As mine.

In My Head 4 - Inspired by B.O.B.'s Airplanes

Let's pretend Ryan Barton never existed.
Like he was never born & the stork never gifted.
Pretend he was never here and you never missed him.
Pretend his life never came about on June 11.
Pretend he was never there for you at that moment.
Knowing what he's been, things would be different.
Consider all the days he has enlightened.
All the memories we made, are on your brained & burned in.

Now pretend our paths never passed.
Like you were never sitting next to me in the class.
Or I was never at the Bee's for you to hand me the glass.
Pretend our memories are nothing but blackness.
You say things would've been fine & it would've been classic.

But I know things wouldn't have been the same.
I'd be missing a blessing that never came.
Never been able to ride on this crazy train.
Not having you would only bring pain.
We never would've made stars out of airplanes.

"Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars? I could really use a wish right now."

In My Head 3

In My head.
I'm going crazy.
I get a little lazy.
Stop & Smell the Daisy's.

I am Dazed & Confused.
I don't want to choose.
Feels matter what...I lose.

If I really think.
I'd look & find a link.
To keep me from a sink.

But if I vent.
Ha, that'll cause a dent.
And to no extent.

Outta My Head.
I'm calm, cool, & collected.
Standin' Tall & a little Perfected.

So whatcha gonna do?
I'm nothin' like the old school.
Time to rethink...your move.

Time Tik Tok's by.
There's another lie.
It'll be fine, don't cry.

How do you make my head spin?
I won't say it again.
I guess you'll have to...rewind.

Not sure what all this means.
Don't care, my mind does what it needs.
Your negativity doesn't matter, leave it please.

In My Head 2

Life doesn't have to be hard, but it's not easy. Seems just when you reach a high point in time, something happens to knock you down a little or sometimes a lot. All I can say is, be patient. Things will work out. You won't live a miserable and pathetic life, unless you settle for what you could become. There's a plan for your life, let it happen. Don't discount what's in front of you, it could be the key. But be patients and you'll realize if it's the right key. Life is fun. It's a gift. It's riveting. It's everything you never expected. Life is worth living. Enjoy it. We're only here for so long. Love you. Be Epic. Peace!!!


Sometimes life takes us in crazy perilous moments. Moments we won’t understand, moments with no resolution in sight, moments filled with insanity, and moments we’ll sit back and wonder why we ever took the chance. Just when you feel your moment is about to get the best of you, don’t worry, don’t fret, don’t coward to it. Embrace the moment; it will make sense at some point. Maybe not this second or day, but the premise of the moment will come to life. Don’t run from it. Don’t try to ignore it. That moment might just be the greatest thing that ever happens to you. And if you miss it, then what? Peril is around every corner. It’s indulged in every second. How you handle it, will determine how you keep living. Don’t be afraid to take chances. Some moments are worth dying for, you just have to see the life in it.

In My Head

Stuck in a life filled with blind design
Everyone grasping at their stake in time
All smothering the coarse thin line
Struggling to find their inner prime.

Fine by the way they use compassion
Thrown away just like an old fashion
Attempting more than just your passion
Wasting time & exhausting attraction

Reaction insists we fight this day
Pontificating drama like no other way
Leaning toward change yet far away
One step closer causes chaos array

Sway your mind & look through my eyes
you'll see no facede or disguise
Entrapped in lips luscious with lies
Crumbled about with sounds of cries

Wise is he who stands ever so tall
Unmoved by the voice attempting to call
Crushing fear with uncanny assault
Breaking down every wall

Small he becomes trapped in the moment
once felt he totally owned it
Realizing he never should've condoned it
Becoming lost & less enrollment

Control it after every blending
Dont Force your heart to grasp trending
It is your heart weary from spending
Much more damage could cause the ending

Who do you know?

In our lifetime we will see hundreds, if not thousands, of people come and go. Some may not be the healthiest for your life, and may try to take advantage of it or ruin it in some way. Others will come in and make your life truly worth living. Some you'll become "BFF's" with, some you'll become totally attracted to, some will be there to hold your hand, some will touch your heart, and some will become the greatest blessing of your life.

I've met thousands of people in my lifetime. My friends, wow, what can I say about my friends? Then again, what can't I say about my friends? I have been blessed, 100%, absolutely, incredibly blessed. Some of you have been here from the beginning, I thank you for staying by me, even in the hard times. Some have moved on, and I miss them very much, I need some of you back. Some I have hurt, I am truly sorry, there's nothing I can do to reverse what I have done, but know that with everything in me, I am sorry. Some have hurt me, I love you. I hate we may never know what kind of friendship we could have had, but maybe some day we will. But know that no matter what, I love you. Some I have fallen in love with, know I love you and I will forever be here for you. Some of my friends, well, there are no words for, because they are absolutely how God designed friends to be. They have been and continue to be the greatest blessings in my life. Most of them have become family more than friends. I'm not sure what I've done to deserve anyone I've ever met, but I know God must be watching out for me, cause he puts the perfect person in at the perfect moment. I love you all, with every ounce of my heart and soul, I love you. Even if you don't.

Making Sense of Life...

In what dictionary do we find the true meaning of Life? So many things can flare a powerful depiction of the meaning. Such as a baby being born, and how the first sounds of an infants cry flow into a hospital waiting room that’s filled with anticipation. To the first time you touch and hold the miracle in your arms. To the eyes of a paranoid mother watching as her child takes their first steps and begin their path. To the day they get their driver’s license and start on a road of faith and hope. To the year they graduate, and are introduced to a new chapter of Life. To the second they view new Life being born, and they feel their own anticipation succumb to the faint cry. Even to such times as death a depiction of what Life’s meaning comes out, and shows us that we do not have forever to do the things that we should have done yesterday.

The sounds of crying or yelling can paint pictures of sadness, happiness, or fear. The sounds of cars racing to a finish line can promote shouts of cheering or dismay. The glorious sounds of a grand piano rise to the rafters of a church and touch hearts and souls. Sounds can arouse the depictions of Life with every tone, pitch, or chime.

A simple touch can create a visual masterpiece of the detail of our lives. From the feel of a breeze through your hair, to the touch of handshake, to the warm caress of a hug, or to the passionate time of a romantic kiss, to touch or feel creates a physical depiction of what Life is all about.

Eyes are one of the most powerful tools in Life. They display every emotion, from the piercing eyes of anger, to a glazed over stare of depression, to a tearful river of sadness, or to the caressing twinkle in the eyes that a loved one can shine. From the moment the eyes open at birth and begin a Life of spontaneous emotion until the last day when they close, filled with a memorable and fascinating history of what one single Life has accomplished.

No matter what book you look in to find the meaning of Life. Always remember that every second is a depiction of what the true meaning really is. The simple things of sights, sounds, touch, and emotions can create such depictions that will help us to understand the true meaning of Life.

My Happy Place?

Left with a grueling decision that would have both a selfish and a selfless outcome, I find myself still wondering why I was forced into letting go of the key that unlocked so many characteristics and abilities that had been hidden for so long. In a selfless manner I let go, freeing it into the devil’s grip so that he may crush it once again. With the selfish contingency that it would find it’s way back to my hands. You think to yourself that, of course, I should have known of the risk of letting go. Consumed by blindness, the furthest from my mind was the thought of never holding the key again. A construction of hope had started way before it had been lost. It was gone. I found myself pondering what my outcome in the trying times would be. Torn and shattered, I collected the pieces of my Life to try and put it back together, but without the key I found it impossible to happen. Time passed and days grew weary, I found my Life growing cold with a false hope of reconciliation. Some keys opened doors, which held resources that would soon be helpful in my journey, and other keys opened doors that only held regret and disappointment. Alone and in the dark I find myself searching. Sifting through every grain, searching from the highest peaks, and even to the utmost lows of the earth for the key that would unlock the utopia of my Life.