Friday, September 30, 2011

The Color of Diversity

We have been at war with a beast so vital to Life. We have fought the battle with guns loaded and aimed at the head of the beast and have lost many times. Race, religion, gender, sexuality, handicap, status level, last name, occupational level, weight, height, fashion trend, etc. create the beast of battle that we have fought against since the beginning of time. It’s a battle of diversity. A battle that has caused more deaths than any one could ever imagine. A battle so intense that it has taken over everyone’s compassion, opinion, and Life at least once and it continues to take over every day. Diversity has been the primary cause of some of the most tremendous moments in time. Terrorist acts, religious wars, and hate crimes have all started because of diversity. It is the war that not only affects each individual person, but it affects entire countries. It turns families and friends against each other. Diversity has conquered and divided nations. 

Have you ever tried to color a picture with only one color? It’s virtually impossible to create a vivid impression of what you are designing. An array of colors used to create an impressionable beauty; rainbows, tie-dye, Van Gogh and Monet’s. In every aspect of Life, color has become the strongest opposition in argument. Color has become a pigment of attitude, instead of a mere detail.

Isn’t it sad that we have dropped to an immaturity where colors are equated with status? If you only see things in black and white, then you should be slapped by every blind person who ever walks past you for the rest of your Life. I think the blind of the world are the ones who have the most vivid opinion. They create their own imaginative description.

Attitudes have become the staple for color. Every color is believed to have its own attitude and personality. That is where the clash begins, but why can’t we look past the color of the skin? When will Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream actually be accomplished? When will all men be equal? When will we be able to look at the content of each other’s characters? You might be sitting there questioning every word I say, but will you honestly walk out your door and not think one racial remark today?

Isn’t it strange that the only place where the colors of the world can come together and work together successfully for one purpose is in a box of crayons? Black, white, red, yellow, brown, green, pink, etc. all have their own separate purpose and job, but when they come together and work together, they create a beautiful picture. Racism has not found its demise, nor will it, until we find a way to come together to conquer every ignorant insult or racial slur. If you fight the battle alone, then you will only strengthen the beast of diversity. If we come together, the war is already over. 

Terribly Wonderful

Have you ever felt like you were at the highest peak in your life? Like you had reached the top of every dream and fantasy? The point where you noticed every detail and the beauty that comes with it? I have no idea why, but for the first time in a very long time, I am at that peak. I have everything I could ever ask for. I have my old friends back and new friends everywhere, and I enjoy every second I spend with them. I have everything I had three months ago, but I feel a billion times better. There’s confusion as to where this beautiful bliss is coming from, but I feel if I go looking for what it is, I might find out why I was miserable. It’s a good confusion. 

I Found a Book Today

I read a book today. It was quite different from any other book that I had ever seen. The cover was blank, it had no blemishes or fading, it was perfect as though it were brand new. I glanced through it; the front pages were torn and discolored, as though it had been used and read for years; the middle pages were beginning to fade and become weary, as though they had been thumbed through and left alone. The last pages were crisp, clean, and fresh, as though they had never been touched. The book became even stranger when I flipped it over; there was no back cover, only a blank page. As I opened the front cover I found myself even more shocked and confused, the index was distorted and completely illegible and the authors name was no where to be found.
I began to read through the torn and discolored pages. I learned of a boy who had been born, alone and lost, into a matured society of emotional fluctuation. He would begin his Life with small steps around the elders that would teach him to love and live at a faster rate than what should have been. Growing up around the older population in his Life, he would mature faster than most his age. He was taught different things and began to form opinions on matters that should not have touched an innocent adolescent mind. He would learn of honesty, deceit, love, and hate; things that many could not even comprehend at times in their lives. His adolescent opinions would create for him stressful and torn conversations that would leave him pondering about matured conversations at such a young age.
I continued into the faded pages of the book. I found the boy contradicting his thoughts and emotions on matters he thought he had been prepared for, but was only disappointed into a relentless circle of fate. He began to understand that his own hands created the good times and the bad times. Every decision he made was only promoted or tempted by those around him. Only he could create the seconds of his Life.
Reading along I emerged into the clean, crisp pages, as though they had never been touched. I found the boy growing and making new decisions that would forever alter the path of his Life. Careers, relationships, and other bonds begin were in hindsight. He began to take notice of his past and use the knowledge he had gained for the new incidents and quandaries that he was faced with. He began to walk through Life with much larger steps than when he began his journey. He takes fewer risks and puts more thought into what the outcome of the time will be.
Turning to the next page, I find it blank. I flipped through the following pages with hopes that the story would continue, only to find the rest of the pages blank. I flipped through and the rest of the book tells a story of Life, but the end was not there. I flipped back to the beginning and the index was no longer distorted, I understood what the book was about. I looked down to find the authors name, and found that it was my own. I have realized that no matter who or what comes into my Life, I am the author of my book, not them, and I create my own opinions, mistakes, and accomplishments. No one else can write my Life, it is for me.

I read a book today, and the end of it is yet to come.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I don't have a clue what this is about, sometimes my fingers just start typing and I let them go...

I have so many thoughts going on in my head right now that I literally feel like I’m spinning. Such a galaxy of different topics I want to write about, but where do I start? The spawn of modern social networking and the takeover of technological advancements, the cowardly ways of community facilitators and the cause of war, the battle for minority leader, the ongoing collection of religions, the fast track of gossip, the lack of trust in trust, the distance of relationships, or the bittersweet separation between life and death. Those will work, I’ll start there.

The spawn of modern social networking. There will never be another generation who on the first day of school will go home and try to think of questions to ask the cute boy/girl in class. No, they’ll just go home and with one click find out everything they would ever want to know about that person and more; their likes/dislikes, favorite music/movie/television show, hero, hobbies, jobs, brothers, sisters, family, friends, and even what their summer vacation was like. The next generation’s motor skills will explode with an evolving of faster fingers for typing and texting. I can see a need for speech therapists later on in life, I wonder if they’ll have to e-mail their appointments though. I remember a world where sports, adventures, dreams, and fantasies were played out on a playground much bigger than the television and console buried in your living room. Can you remember when friends could just run down to the house without calling first due the fear of what lies beyond the front door? When did we let technology take over our lives?

Can you remember when judges and police officers were both respected and feared, when those in the military were loved and respected for the job they were doing? I’d like to see the judges who were feared for showing their iron fist in a court room. Should we really have to consider the fact that a death sentence is not humane to someone who took it upon themselves to do the same task to the innocent? I’d like to see a time when a police officer can drive through a neighborhood without the fear of not returning home to the family that night. We’ve all heard the stories of wars that were fought for our freedom, the ones where we went to help others find those freedoms, when martyrs were conquered, and civilizations began; and all of this happened without apology, criticism, protest, or rebuttals. When did the cost of gas become more than the cost of freedom?

Race. Race. Race. Race. I don’t care what color you are, you’re still flesh and blood. And your soul has no color, so when you stand before God put the race card back in your pocket. Whites, blacks, Mexicans, Asians and whatever other color of the rainbow that got off the boat here and found the amazing freedoms this country has to offer need a reality check. The citizenship of this country comes with freedoms that have been taken advantage of. You want to feel bad for a minority? Go give a Native Indian a cookie and apologize for taking everything from them. If you’re white and you made it here because Christopher Columbus made a mistake and found his way to this beautiful country, then thank God. If you’re black and your family made it here on a slave ship and are no longer slaves and can enjoy this beautiful country, then thank God. If you’re Hispanic and made it here however you did and are still here, then thank God. However you made it here be thankful, because somehow God thought so graciously to place in his plan for your life to have you populate this great Country. So Thank God you have a roof over your head, food on your table, and freedom to go wherever you please. And if you’re ungrateful, go back to where your ancestors started out and try to figure out why they moved. 

If you’re thanking God for any of the above, then thank God. Finally, someone who isn’t afraid to show belief in the Almighty! Whatever happened to the Biblical Principles this country was founded on? Open a Bible, nail the Ten Commandments back up on the wall, invite religion into your way of Life, stop believing in a Petri-dish falsification, stop believing in an organized explosion, and stop believing in your primate ancestors. If you want to believe that you evolved from something that doesn’t mind picking and eating the filth off of your companion, then go right ahead with your sick little insights. But if you would open your eyes and take a look around at one absolutely astonishing atmosphere, you would realize that something greater, something of a higher presence, and something almighty had a little bit more to do with this universe than a scientific big bang of evolution ever did.

Gossip, Trust, and Relationships, I think I can tie these together in one paragraph. You listen to false gossip, lose trust, and lose and gain relationships. Wow, summed it up in one sentence. How many stupid people do you know who don’t stay in their own business? I know lots of them; most of them are friends. It’s pathetic really, you put so much trust in those around you, and they’ll turn on you in an instant. They’ll do anything to move up the “social ladder” of Top Friends. Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pale of water, simple story right? These days Jack and Jill would be under interrogation trying to find out the agenda of their relationship. On the front cover of the tabloids, because there may be something brewing in that pale, I wonder how long Jack and Jill would be acquaintances if they weren’t fiction. Would Jill want to take a step back to review the hill and pale to make sure they both coincide with relevance to those around them? Would little Jimmy, Johnny, and James conspire to conjure up some captivating conflict? It happens everywhere, school, church, work, and Life. Here’s a tip: Slap aside gossip, find out whose trust is compassionate and real, and then your relationships will last.

Life and Death, that’s the one that has me in a quandary. Life is good. Simple, right? You’d think so, but why are there so many people who live miserable lives? Forget about bad hair days and the wrong side of the bed, those are nothing. If you think they are, find someone who doesn’t have either and ask them how their life is. Death is the tricky one. People die, that’s one thing you can count on to happen in your life. To be afraid of death should only tell you that you aren’t prepared. And if that’s the truth, I’d reach out and search for your preparations, your purpose, or your plan. Life is so good, but yet when someone is in so much pain and close to death one becomes more of an advocate than the other. Death really can be a diverse situation.

As my head still twirls at an alarming rate, I’ve just realized that my state of confusion has not budged at all. In the buffet of ranting and raving, I’ve just realized there is a galaxy of consistent inaccuracies that really don’t make any sense, but for some celestial reason, they are apart of life. So, while you have your life, live it, love it, and enjoy all the quirky things that make it yours, because you only have it for so long. 

So close...

Have you ever had something so close? So close you knew you had it. You ever reach for it, but every time you do it would fall far enough to be just out of your reach. The less you do the closer it comes. It comes so close that you think you can reach it, but with your hopes up and arms stretched it only falls farther from you. It’s right there, but yet it’s so far. Why should you have to sit back and wait? You want it now. The patience you had is gone. It’s been gone for years. What can you do? You don’t have time to sit and wait. Besides if you actually had the chance to get close it would probably just crumble in your hands. Unless this time would be different from the rest. Could it be possible that such an opportunity could come along and open? Could everything you have dreamt actually come true at such a time? 
Could it all still happen even though you have lost the hope that once kept you together?

A Bittersweet Separation

In my mind I imagine a new beginning, a time when all of the pieces come together. Happiness finds its way home. Fear, anxiety, and depression get lost in a sea of pleasant tears. Separations of Life bond back together, wounds and scars begin to mend and heal, wrongs turn right, enemies become friends, and death becomes Life. Everyone begins to work together on their problems and situations. Conflicts find their long-awaited demise. Hearts find a nest of hope and satisfaction. A view of Utopia brings hope to the poverty stricken nations. The rich and poor become equal. Races become one. A new maturity finds its way to the minds of all. Fantasy overflows into the streets of an overwhelmed overjoyed population. Life evolves into an array beauty.

In my eyes I see a reality, a world puzzled into never-ending torment. Arrogance demolishes every hope of confidence. Wars rage into political, spiritual, emotional, and physical battles that have been fought by so many and won by none. Old and young, blacks and whites, mature and immature, ignorant and genius, are separated by attitude rather than distinction. Hearts crumble into millions of pieces from the let down of relationships. Tears of pain, sadness, and hate flood the enriched emotional plains that once covered such a seamless environment. Families and friends are torn apart and left in a lifeless puddle of depression. Searching for the answer that will turn all the deceased happiness only leaves us lost in a forest of tree-topping anguish. Life evolves into an array of the damned.

A separation of imagination and reality, is there any way to unleash the courageous imagination so that it may break out and conquer the infamous reality? Can we tear down the walls that hold our imagination back? Can we come together in one mind and in one accord and bring this world to a kingdom of enlightenment? Bury hatred, fear, anxiety, depression, wars, conflicts, sin, sadness, and every other terrible diseased evil that has polluted our land. It will be a long and treacherous path. We will find our happiness. All of this will become a bittersweet memory.

Reality Questions

Happiness is very hard to find these days. Most of the time we all wear a façade, covering the pain and hurt we live with day to day. Every day brings new pain, new hurt, and new depression, yet we try to cover it up with a forged fantasy life. Evils rise up all around ready to strike us down. 

Wars rage on and on, until all that’s left are poverty stricken nations. We build cities and then destroy them because apparently that’s the only way to bring about peace anymore, but does it really? Murders, theft, and other crimes occur every second of the day, so we utilize authorities to patrol our cities and states, but does this really work? 

Alcohol and drugs are used in hopes of a momentary high and escape. Not only do these tear down our bodies and minds, but they have also begun to rip away at our friends and family. Over time alcohol and drugs overrun our lives, crush our hopes and dreams, and blind us to the warning of our loved ones. We have placed regularities and restrictions on them, but does any of it curb underage drinking or deaths by accidents? 

Promiscuity has become a common lifestyle, and it is ruining the lives of many. Teen pregnancies are at an all time high and the teenage years are lost to children caring for their own children. High schools are building preschools for the children of students. Parents and guardians warn their children against such acts, but does this really help? 

Sexual perversion has grasped everything. You can not escape it. Marketing companies implement innuendoes into their promotional campaigns, just because sex sells. They have tried to make advertisements more appealing to all, but does this help in any way? 
Spirituality used to be an issue of which religion was right. Now it’s an issue of IS religion right. Somehow, questioning whether or not there is a God has become one of the biggest issues we all face. I don’t know about you, but with the increasing amounts of deaths, wars, environmental problems, and all other destructive situations we are facing, I like having God on my side, and I would be lost if I had to wonder whether or not he exists. Some people try to cram religion down the throats of the lost, but does will this really help?

You should not have to think about what the answers to these questions are. There has to be a way to rid the world of the wars, and to bring about peace. There has to be a way to stop the killing, the physical abuse, and the mental anguish. There has to be a way to stop the perversion of our civilization, and keep our children safe from the perverse ways. There has to be a way to keep God in our schools, courthouses, and churches, and gain a spiritual and emotional peace. There has to be a way to crush the evils that are tearing down our families and friendships.

The Breakdown

How is it that on such a beautiful night everything can be ravaged and ripped to a nothing? A heart with so much compassion can be tossed aside as if to be a scrap to a dog. Even from someone who is viewed as a glorious angel in the eyes of a fool. Yet the fool is deceived into perfection by the angel, who shortly depicts perfection as nothing. The fool being confused would have never dreamed of an angel so beautiful and wonderful to have the power to vanish his spirit. Soon the end of the fool’s time began to draw nigh. He would disappear with out hearing any sound of regret from the angel, not a word, not a sign of fret, not even a sigh. As the site of his home arrives in the distance the fool begins to ponder his time of this night. He begins to see that his Life had been crushed right before his very eyes. Some would ask him why such a time of small proportions would matter, but for that brief time in his Life he was strengthened and built up, only to have it shatter and crumble into a bottomless pit of sadness. His eyes become heavy with stress of dry tears. At one time they streamed with an abundance of joy, sadness, and fear, but this night his eyes had become a vast desert. At that point he feared that he might never be able to release the fountains that once caressed his view. His fear grew into a dry empty whole, which would soon swallow the very depths of the place where his hopes and dreams once rested. The moment of relief would come at the end, when his heart would be broken.

Duct Tape

There comes a time when repairs must be made, tears must be mended, broken pieces put back together, and holes to be patched. No matter what your repair is you can always count on one thing. This quote explains it all, “God made the world, but it’s held together by Duct Tape.” Duct Tape is used to support, plug, patch, cover, close, mend, hold up, tape down, bind, hang, and pretty much fix anything and everything. Duct Tape has been used to make suits, wallets, purses, clothes of all kinds. Upholster couches and to patch up car bodies. Duct Tape is a huge part of our lives. But what happens with the emotional and spiritual tears in our lives. What force is strong enough to mend a broken heart, hold up a fallen soul, and hold down a firm stand? Was it in influential person in your Life? Was it a heartfelt moment in time? Or was it a tremendous change of events? If you haven’t found that certain thing in your Life that will heal, don’t worry it’s out there. Don’t lose hope. Don’t lose sight. Just keep your head up and you will find what you are looking for. You never know what will “Duct Tape” your Life back together.

What Freedom?

We never know when that last day will come. We never think about who we will lose next. We wonder what the reasons are that we lose each other. In what line in of God’s paragraph of our lives does it state that we are to live with such hard times in our lives? These days all we see is destruction, loss, and a never ending battle of Life. We lose friends and family. We lose hope and happiness. We have all prayed and voted for peace. The prayer brings hope. The votes bring war. Both with intentions of peace, but both only bring temporary peace. When will the day come when we will all be able to sit back and not worry about our days? Some day we will all be able to come together for more of a reason than that of a terrifying day of foolish terrorist acts, foreign or domestic. Some day we will no longer worry about what he or she thinks of us. Some day there will be no more conflicts of politics, racism, sexuality, humanity, or spirituality. We have all had our hard times. We all deserve a break. A break from the headaches of our simple sibling fights, to our racists battles, to our country wars, to our world environment. The end will bring a new beginning. For some it will bring a state of confusion, and for other it will bring a state of bliss. Freedom has been fought over by many and succeeded by few. Most have taken it for granted. Everyone desires that certain freedom from different situations, from burdens, to debts, to relationships, to contracts, and to lives. Don’t regret your days. Don’t regret your mistakes. Don’t regret your wars. Freedoms have been taken. Happiness has been achieved. Lives have been given. Everything that we have has been attained from a sacrifice that someone has made. Enjoy it, because you never know when you could lose it.


We see without seeing. We feel without touching. Our eyes and mind become imprisoned in a fortress of fantasy. Our souls crumble into a vat of disappointment. Our hearts overflow with a love of false passion. We become ignorant to what we have. Our walk staggers. Our desire strays. Our tears flow. Our heads fall.

We look up. We see an irradiate goodness. We feel the touch. Our eyes and mind caress a blanket of bliss. Our souls surge with effervescence. Our hearts throb with a thickness of Life. We are indebted for all that we have. We leap onto a new path. We leash the desire that once was. Our tears desiccate. Our heads rise.

Life becomes arrant disarray.

Monday, September 26, 2011

My conclusion at why President Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize....

Hey, I have nothing against the guy. Just hope his "celebritism" doesn't bite him in the butt when something terrible goes down and doesn't do as good a job and avenging our great nation as those have done in the past.


Seriously though, what's wrong with Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize for doing his job and trying really really hard? I mean the reason it is awarded is "to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses." I'm sure Andrew Jackson got one for being the only US President who eliminated the national debt. I'm sure Abraham Lincoln received one for freeing the slaves. And I'm sure George W. Bush received one for eliminating Saddam Hussein, one of the United States greatest enemies and threats. Right? Right? Anyone know?


Oh here you go.... (Thank God for Wiki)


Theodore Roosevelt won one for his successful mediation to end the Russo-Japanese war and for his interest in arbitration, having provided the Hague arbitration court with its very first case. Woodrom Wilson won for founding the League of Nations. Jimmy Carter won for his decades of untiring effort to find peaceful solutions to international conflicts, to advance democracy and human rights, and to promote economic and social development. Even Martin Luther King's was for his works with Civil Rights.


I guess the ones I mentioned didn't do great enough things.


I mean while all of these great and incredible leaders ACCOMPLISHED incredible feats of their time, why shouldn't Barack Obama get one for his extraordinary EFFORTS to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples? I mean even Al Gore won one for his EFFORTS to build up and disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change, and to lay the foundations for the measures that are needed to counteract such change.


So while you ponder on EFFORTS and ACCOMPLISHMENTS, I"m going to get in my non-gas guzzling Ford Focus, drive next to every SUV, Semi, and other tank on the highway, which is owned and operated by every hot air blowin American, under this great big wonderful ozone layer for $2.24 a gallon of gas next to my wonderful African American, Muslim, Asian, Redneck, European, etc. who is cussing me for my EFFORTS at cutting them off on the way to the hospital where the only thing that truly matters is the well being of pain afflicted Grandparents. Do I get a Nobel Peace Prize for that?


Oh and another Polar Bear just died and I have to be concerned about whether or not my Grandparents healthcare is going to be in jeopardy or not, so why don't you EFFORTLESS call me when you can get something ACCOMPLISHED, then you can have your Peace Prize.


Wait, or did he win for calling Kanye West a "jackass"? I'd give him one for that.

It's A New Day...

It's a brand new day. It doesn't have to be a tough one or a bad one. Make it your own. Say hello. Say Thank You. Open a door. Smile. You never know who's Life you can change with a random act of kindness. The bum on the corner, the mom with the screaming kids, the Cop giving you a ticket, the cashier behind the counter, and the person right next to you are your neighbors. Treat them how you want to be treated. Be kind. Be strong. Believe in a better day. Live. Love. Laugh. Today. Tomorrow. Forever. Always.

For Granted.

Have you ever actually looked around? While sitting at work, at home, in your car, outside, at the mall, or still laying in your bed, look around. Look at everything that you have. Realize that some of the smallest objects that you see can make the biggest difference in Life. Something so small as a rock could change the entire course of nature. Even though a rock is so small and has no visual point, it does have one of the biggest purposes in Life.

One of the greatest mistakes that most of us make is how we take so much for granted. We all need to realize how much we have been blessed with. Realize that even the smallest things can be some of the greatest blessings in our lives. Never turn down an opportunity to meet someone. Have you ever thought of how much of an impact they will have on your Life? The world is filled with rocks, short ones, tall ones, big ones, small ones, and all different colors. When will we realize that they all serve a purpose? When will we realize they are blessings given to us? When will we realize that we are all equal?

I recently realized what culture shock really was. My culture shock was seeing how fortunate we are to live here and to have the things that we have. The shock of how ignorant we are to so many things. 

We need to make a change. We need to stop taking for granted the surroundings we have. We need to take care of what we have. We need to enjoy everything. We need to consider those around us and respect them. We have worked hard to be where we are today. Be proud of where you are, of what you have become, of the accomplishments you have made, of the journeys you have taken. 

When you fail, try harder. If you get knocked down get up and stand firm and stand for what you believe in. Keep Life filled with joy, filled with love, and filled with passion.

And remember the words of the great Ferris Bueller: 

Life moves pretty fast, if you dont stop and take a look around every once in a while. You might miss it.

We All Fall Down.

Sometime in your Life you will hit the bottom. You will find yourself at a point of no return and you will fall. Some will be there to help. Others that you thought would be there wont be. Close friends will be lost and you will fall. Dreams will be pushed to the side. Hopes will disappear. You will become depressed. You will feel alone and you will fall. Distant and confused, you yourself will become lost. And just when you think it could not possibly get any worse, it will. You will be at the most crucial and vulnerable point in your Life. You will break and you will keep falling.

The question that is asked by so many is; why are we allowed to hit such a putrid point in Life? Everyone has searched for answers. I have realized that the reason we fall, make mistakes, and make wrong turns and moves is so that we learn how to get back up, resolve, and head in the right direction. If we learn how, it will be that much easier the next time. There will be a next time, but that time we will know how to get up. If we fall alone then we will be strong when we get back up, but I ask you to stick together. If we fall together then we stick together. We get up stronger and faster. Stick together, fall together, and we will Lve Together.

True Story.

My Life is a true story.

It is an actual reality show.

It is filled with action, comedy, romance, drama, horror, suspense, and thrills.

Every second, hour, and day is different.

Every second begins with anticipation, every hour continues with hope, and every day ends with despair. 

My Life is a conglomerate of emotion.

It never fails to surprise me with the spontaneous events of time.

It consists of a montage of loss and gain.

It is real.

It is live.

It is My Life.

Join Me?

I guarantee a shock of randomdy and contributed enthusiasm. 

No regrets.

No worries.

Just Live.

Lost Pain.

We all have a pain. A pain that wont go away, its been there for so long. It started when we saw a friend get hurt or when we were hurt. The worst pains started when we lost that one person, the one who meant so much to us. There is emptiness in our hearts from where they were. We use pictures, videos, or letters to keep them alive in our minds, but material such as these can be lost. We look to the memories with hope that they will come back. We look back to the first time we saw them. We look back to the first hug, the first kiss, the first time we looked into their eyes. Memories can bring times of sorrow, joy or happiness, or sometimes even a bit of wisdom. We feel that our lives will never be complete without someone to fill the void in our lives. No matter where we look we must never forget them. Pictures will be lost and Memories will fade, but they will forever live in our hearts. They are still there. They still watch us, just like they used to. If we wait for the right time, we will see them again.


All our Life we struggle. We struggle through our days searching for the bit of pure happiness that will lead us to a destination of bliss. We struggle through our days searching for the path that will lead us to the gift of patience. We struggle with the problems and quarrels of our lives that fall on these paths. Pushing through the wreckage of our fallen hours, we stride to find the link that will forever lock us into perfection. With each struggling moment we cannot forget where we are going. Set your Life higher than it has ever been. Never lose sight of your goals. Push forward toward your accomplishments. Go to the extra for your achievements. Endure the torture of the enemy. Make your Life complete. Never stop desiring what is ahead. Never settle. Climb to the next level. Fight your way to the top. Live your Life so that your legacy will live on. Live your Life until the end of days.

Close Your Eyes.

Can you close your eyes and remember back to a day? Back when we were younger. Back we didnt worry about the pain. Back when every day went by without rain. When summers never ended. When work was never on our minds. When the only thing we worried about was falling off our bike. When we the only tears we shed were for the cuts and scraps. When winning the game in backyard was everything. She didnt matter. He didnt matter. When our lives changed by the year, not by the second. Friends were always there; they stayed and didnt move away. A day when our Life was simple. 

Close your eyes and remember the day, so that when you open them you live Life like never before. Let today be a new day. 

The End of the Hourglass...

You try so hard to do all that you can, only to find out that it is either not enough or too much. It is pointless to try to please, for it can never be done. You cannot give them the world without giving the universe, which is shortly followed by giving them your heart. What they do with your heart is not a surprise, for it is a consistent thrashing. It starts with a constant prod, one that will create such blindness to the fact of what is ahead. Over time the prod penetrates and punctures the heart, only to allow small deterioration of a façade that hides the pain of what lies ahead. As they hold your heart the curiosity of what is inside catches their attention and they begin to rip into everything you have built your Life. Your hopes and dreams begin to plummet from the one that for such a time has caressed the very heart they hold. Ready to tear into a questionable atmosphere of Love and Hate, they take the one last glimpse into the very eyes that captured their lives upon the first invitation into your heart, but there is nothing that could restrain the once most precious hands from vigorously ripping into the depths of your Life. You have built your new unknown temporary Life around the very thing that is destroying it. Why would you put everything into the very collapsing reason of your Life? You feel the hours are few and that the last grain of sand is nearing. Your only dream is to be able to flip the hourglass and steal another opportunity at what Life has to offer. With the strength ripped from your heart, you contemplate the worth of traveling back to the tragedies you faced. The decision is strenuous, start the journey from the beginning or let the last grain fall and end an undesirable journey. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011


I drive in the black of night, indulged in the confusion of what direction to take. I find myself locked in a thoughtless drive into an unknown territory. The only one on the road caught up in an endless journey through the paths of my mind. Down a road that has no map, no lights, only a four way stop with an illustrious quandary of which way to go. 

To keep on the road in the same direction of whence I have been traveling offers little hope, but offers consistency in the Life I lead. 

Left or right offers an unknown path which could lead to new direction, new hope, new dreams, new light, new situations, new problems, new opportunities. Either path offers either a desired or damned fate. 

The last path takes me back down the road, experiences, and events that make me who I am. It offers reflection on my Life, but how will that help for me to critique my past decisions. 

A four way stop with the fate of my Life waiting in the balance. 

Which way? 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What a Wonder.

My mind wonders into the black hole of curiosity. It wonders straight toward the endless questions and decisions I will be challenged to accept or decline. Where will the next step take me? What will the next day bring me? Who will be the next person I meet? What will be the next thing I see? So many questions in life, but where are the answers? There is no Teacher's Guide to Life's Little Questions. Some might say the answers are in the Bible, but first patience must be attained in order to learn the lessons of such a book. The simple thought of not knowing what the next second holds could be a mere nightmare for some, and as well it should be. Spontaneous can be fun and amusing, but not knowing what is in door number 1, 2, or 3 could be the most tremendous moments in your life or could possibly be the most treacherous. Memories will be made both filled with visions of utopia and filled with visions of a dreadful underworld. 

At times my mind wonders into the curiosity of what it would be like to watch my own Life from far away. Would I be ecstatic or captivated about the things I see, or Would I be discontent towards such a hopeless sight? 

Our lives are our own. We should worry about what we look like, and not worry about what others opinions of us are. No one should crumble to the fact that someone implies a notch in our lives. 
Live for Yourself, Live for God, Life for the Result, and Live until the End. 

Blind Curiosity

The imagination creates some of the most incredible things. The one thing that fascinates me the most is ability to create dreams, nightmares, and fantasies; the events that keep us entertained while we sleep. Such visions can create some of our highest goals, our darkest fears, or our deepest secrets. They make us smile and cry. All are made possible by our imagination. 

Our eyes greatly contribute to the dream process. Our minds create memories. While our imaginations take the memories and either smooths them out, twists them up, or stretches them. Our eyes play a key roll in giving our imagination resources. The best part about the eyes is that if you look around and then close your eyes you can still imagine what you were looking at.

The one thing that puzzles me the most is what about the blind, those who have never had sight, and those who have been blind since the day they were born. Not being able to look around because of a consistent darkness. Not knowing their surrounding. Not knowing what is out there. With this thought in mind I am curious as to what they see when they sleep. Having no vision is it possible for their imagination to think up objects, people, faces, settings, and colors. I am sure that they can feel the object and try to project a mental image, but it would be hard to get a full-scale perspective. 

My question is simple.

What do the blind see when they dream?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Im letting myself have a bad day, and I cant get away from it.

I anticipate and hope for things that I know will take patience and time. I let them disappoint me; even though I know the day will not be right around the corner. The day has yet to come, and it will be forever before it is here. What am I to learn from this down time? Not to enjoy the moment too much; have fun, but not too much; live life, but not completely; or take a deep breath and relax, but only for a brief part of a second. What is the feeling of bliss, happiness, and contempt? Does it feel like love, or is it completely different? What does love even feel like? When does the pain stop and the light begin? Who answers these questions? The answer that comes to mind, of course, is God. But when will he answer the questions? The clock is in its last hour, and I have no answers. I have not been relieved of the pressure that floods my heart. The seconds drift away. One by One. Until The Last Drop Of Sand Has Fallen. . . Stay Driven Until The End. 


When do we stop letting the past take over our present and demolish our future? When does the past fade from our midst? Even though all we do is reflect on it, regret it, and let it bring us down. So many times in our life we let our mistakes become regrets, but how many of your mistakes have you learned from? Do you regret learning the things that will help you advance in your life? There will be a time when the past has no purpose, when we will not allow it to break our confidence and trust? When will the past BE the past? Someday there will be a time when we will no longer strive to make everyone's mistakes a part of our lives. Someday we will wake up and enjoy the first breath of the morning. Someday we will live our life and feel alive. Someday. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Right There...

Did you see it? Keep looking. Watch for it. There it is. It's that look. A lost, misunderstood, dead stare glare of useless, meaningless, loneliness in their eyes. Gazing off into the distance. Searching for everything. Finding nothing. How can you pull them in to a feeling of a blissful, Utopian sanctuary? Make them feel wanted. Make them feel needed. Make them feel loved. What do we show them? Where do we take them? What do we give them? Even pondering the very predicament I begin to feel helpless to them. I want to help. I want to do something. I want to show them. We have such an astounding purpose, and it's aggravating not knowing what it is. But that should not hold us back from reaching out and exhausting every second of our lives to finding, helping, or considering the staple that will change the world. I may not totally know why I'm here, but in my last seconds I will smile knowing I exhausted myself helping, searching for, respecting, considering, persevering for, raising, covering, comforting, lifting, talking to, spoiling, hugging, including, endeavoring with, inspiring, debating with, protecting, standing up for, watching, driving, walking with, caring for, knowing, and loving you, you, you, you, all of you. Because those are the things that make me happy, make my life beautiful, and make me who I am. Thank you.

A Legend Into A Legacy

Legends are born every minute, but what they do with their lives determines whether or not they will leave a legacy behind. There are so many words to describe the legend we have lost; Beautiful, Astonishing, Compassionate, Sophisticated, Classy, Strong willed, Exhilarating, Inspirational, Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Grandmother, Great Grandmother, Great Great Grandmother, and Friend are only a few. I know it sounds like so much more than a few, but that’s because this is only a few of the galaxy of words that can be used to describe Laura Albert.

My Great Grandma did more than I could ever do for anyone. I remember walking out the apple tree in the front yard picking apples with her. She taught me one of the greatest lessons and she didn’t even know it. Life is just one big apple pie. You have to go outside to reach out and pick those that will help you create and complete your world. No more what shape or size, they’ll all come together and make one of the most beautiful things in life. She taught me to be strong and not let anything break me down. She was a great influence and inspiration to so many in this world. She was selfless, compassionate, and interested in everyone set before her. She loved her family and friends more than anything. She lived her life to its fullest as a mother of both her own family and her church family. She was blessed beyond every desire and aspiration. She rejuvenated and revitalized everyone with her sweet, angelic presence.

I love you Grandma, and I’ll miss you. I know you’re all better now. No more pain, no more hard times, I know Grandpa will take good care of you. Make him sing the “Peanut Butter” song to you for me; I’m sure he’s been ready to sing it to someone. Thank you for being who you were. Thank you for standing strong against all odds. I do believe that this world will be different without you, but I know that heaven just became a much greater place. A legend was lost, but today her legacy begins.