Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What would you do?

This is a true story. I'm going to tell it to you, but I want to give you a moment to clear your mind. I want to hear your opinion and comments but after you read this I want you to take 5 minutes to think about it before you answer. It is a true story, it happened. 

Imagine you work for a large billion dollar international retailer, you work hard, you do what you're told, and you do it right. You're not late. You don't miss work. You are the ideal employee. You wouldn't want to just settle and stay in the same position forever do you? So you work harder. Obviously, literally, in every obvious way you work harder than those around you. So you apply for that higher position, only to not receive it. Yes, it's depressing not getting it, but you work harder. You apply again. Again, you're turned down. 

Almost sounds like your life doesn't it?

I hope you're still paying attention because here's the juicy part. One day your boss calls you into his office. They say you work hard. We see it. But I need to be blunt with you. You're never going to get that position you want or any promotion. This company is only promoting women and one particular race, and you are neither of those.

This is the moment when you're quite frustrated I assume. But what would you do? Then again, what could you do?

You could bring it up with Human Resources but you were the only two in the room. It's your word against theirs.

You could've turned your phone on and recorded the conversation, but that’s recording a conversation without the other person’s permission and wouldn’t hold up. Unless, of course, you’re Donald Sterling I guess, then somehow it’s completely legal. Let that sink in.

So again I ask, what would you do?

What could you do?

This world has changed. What works for one race is racist for the next. What opinion one has is homophobic for the next. What thought you have no matter how word for word perfect detail compared it is to the last person, one of you is wrong.

Even if we try to change something, we’re against the rest.

What happened?

What can we do?

Maybe there isn’t anything.

And that's frightening.