Tuesday, October 4, 2011

In My Head

Stuck in a life filled with blind design
Everyone grasping at their stake in time
All smothering the coarse thin line
Struggling to find their inner prime.

Fine by the way they use compassion
Thrown away just like an old fashion
Attempting more than just your passion
Wasting time & exhausting attraction

Reaction insists we fight this day
Pontificating drama like no other way
Leaning toward change yet far away
One step closer causes chaos array

Sway your mind & look through my eyes
you'll see no facede or disguise
Entrapped in lips luscious with lies
Crumbled about with sounds of cries

Wise is he who stands ever so tall
Unmoved by the voice attempting to call
Crushing fear with uncanny assault
Breaking down every wall

Small he becomes trapped in the moment
once felt he totally owned it
Realizing he never should've condoned it
Becoming lost & less enrollment

Control it after every blending
Dont Force your heart to grasp trending
It is your heart weary from spending
Much more damage could cause the ending