Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I know it's difficult sometimes. Things don't always go as planned. As the sun rises, so do new challenges and tasks that test our very existence. Every second we're faced with a choice that effects our future. It's as if life were a huge game of chess, one wrong move, you lose your advantage, and possibly lose the game. Every piece plays a part, no matter how far or what direction each piece moves, it still has a great effect to the game.

Picture yourself standing there.

All around your acquaintances, your pawns, there's more of them than anyone else. Doesn't seem like they do much, but if they weren't there, you're life would be more vulnerable to attack. Cherish your acquaintances, you might forget their names, they might be distant, but they are there for a purpose. And even sometimes if they make it to the end with you, they become more.

The next, keep life moving forward and direct, the Rooks are our jobs, skills, trades, and talents. They may move back and forth in front of us, but they keep us going forward. But when things get tough we have the option to take a step back and look at where we're going. They have great purpose, but not many directions. Each person's Rooks may be different than the next, but they serve the same purpose. A purpose of advancement.

The Knights are our materials and effects, whether necessity or desire. Our homes, cars, clothes, music, and social networks create the personality of us. Every other piece is more direct, but our Knight shows the curve of who we are. Strangely placed just right to wrap around our lives. It tells our swag, our style, and our dare to be who we want to be.

Your faith, beliefs, hopes, dreams, and even fears are your Bishop. It separates us mentally from the rest, with the ability to indirectly affect our lives. No matter how many times we move, or no matter how long the game, we will always be on the same color mind set we started.

The best part about these three is if we lose one, there's another chance to take our other Rook, Knight, or Bishop for a little back-up and make more of an impact on our lives.

The Queen is our everything. She's our family, our closest of friends, and those there for us in any way possible. She helps us through the hard times. Makes sacrifices when she needs to. And even if we lose her, sometimes comes back. She's by our side from the beginning, and fights harder than anything. She is worthy of her title.

All of these pieces, people, characteristics, and things come together for one purpose, to overcome, to make a stand, to become victorious, and to protect the King. You are the ruler, director, and the King in this game. You have everything you need to win. To become everything you want. To overcome. You have every piece you need to rule your world right at your fingertips. It's your time to become a revolution and show everyone you are more than you ever expected. It's right in front of you. As simple as black and white. It's time to keep moving.

It's your move.