Tuesday, October 4, 2011

In My Head 6

In My Head
Moving toward the shadows
Not much to be said
I'm just gonna play my piano

But First,
Let me rewind my mind
From this moment in time
Seeming so sublime
And Nothing of a crime
We always act like we're fine
Blind to the sign
That warns our sweet mind
Yet I sit and I cry
Lord I Just want to die

So here we are
Alone in the shadows
Clothed by the dark
I'm Just gonna play my piano

But first,
I wanna shout
Let everything out
All the words are stuck in a drought
Devastation about
Trapped in doubt
I fear I won't have more love to give out

Time ticks by
Almost through the shadows
No more tears to cry
So I'm just gonna play my piano

I'm confused and tired
In need of my heart filled with the fire
But nothing transpires
Not preaching just to me, I am speaking to the choir
Your head is not up, please don't be a liar
Look into his eyes and see your heart's desire

Smile now friend
We're through the shadows
Before the end
I'm just gonna play my piano