Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Happy Place?

Left with a grueling decision that would have both a selfish and a selfless outcome, I find myself still wondering why I was forced into letting go of the key that unlocked so many characteristics and abilities that had been hidden for so long. In a selfless manner I let go, freeing it into the devil’s grip so that he may crush it once again. With the selfish contingency that it would find it’s way back to my hands. You think to yourself that, of course, I should have known of the risk of letting go. Consumed by blindness, the furthest from my mind was the thought of never holding the key again. A construction of hope had started way before it had been lost. It was gone. I found myself pondering what my outcome in the trying times would be. Torn and shattered, I collected the pieces of my Life to try and put it back together, but without the key I found it impossible to happen. Time passed and days grew weary, I found my Life growing cold with a false hope of reconciliation. Some keys opened doors, which held resources that would soon be helpful in my journey, and other keys opened doors that only held regret and disappointment. Alone and in the dark I find myself searching. Sifting through every grain, searching from the highest peaks, and even to the utmost lows of the earth for the key that would unlock the utopia of my Life.