Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Beat Of The World

Check your pulse. Are you alive? But are you living? Feel your pulse. Feel the beat. That's the beat of your life. Just like music, the beat keeps us alive. We dance. We sing. We move. It makes us smile, it makes us cry. Music has been the way of life since the creation of time. With so many genre's, the music culture is the greatest influence in lives all over the world. From the sleepless streets of New York, to the festivals of Rio de Janeiro, to roaring pubs of Dublin, to the desolate plains of South Africa, to the fortuned population of Tokyo, and to the beaches of Honolulu, music makes the world flow.

Music is the universal, timeless connection the world has. One chart topping hit has the power to travel the world in seconds. The revolution of music has been more epic than anything in time, with the transition from LP's, to 8-tracks, to cassette tapes, to CD's, to MP3's, to satellite and internet radio. It segued to new heights in the past 70 years that no one could have predicted. There’s no denying music has been a part of the history of life, we grow with it. We love one generation of music, and hate the next. However we all come together for that one special song that makes the right moment perfect through the year. We remember old acquaintances in the first few seconds, say I love you, fight our Irish out, Mariachi out, sing blessings on the 4th, sing spells to ghouls and goblins, and watch red nose reindeer.

We have our driving songs. We have our church songs. We have our club songs. We have our funeral songs. We have long summer day songs, and long winter night songs. We have songs stapled to memories, and memories stapled to songs. We have songs that makes us rock, songs that make us jive, songs that calm us down, songs that rile us up, songs that break us down, and songs that build us up. We all have a song we wake up to, and we have a song we go to bed to. We have a beat. We have a rhythm. We have a message. We have a life. Put them together and we have a song for the world. Never stop singing. Never stop dancing. Never stop the beat.