Friday, September 30, 2011

The Color of Diversity

We have been at war with a beast so vital to Life. We have fought the battle with guns loaded and aimed at the head of the beast and have lost many times. Race, religion, gender, sexuality, handicap, status level, last name, occupational level, weight, height, fashion trend, etc. create the beast of battle that we have fought against since the beginning of time. It’s a battle of diversity. A battle that has caused more deaths than any one could ever imagine. A battle so intense that it has taken over everyone’s compassion, opinion, and Life at least once and it continues to take over every day. Diversity has been the primary cause of some of the most tremendous moments in time. Terrorist acts, religious wars, and hate crimes have all started because of diversity. It is the war that not only affects each individual person, but it affects entire countries. It turns families and friends against each other. Diversity has conquered and divided nations. 

Have you ever tried to color a picture with only one color? It’s virtually impossible to create a vivid impression of what you are designing. An array of colors used to create an impressionable beauty; rainbows, tie-dye, Van Gogh and Monet’s. In every aspect of Life, color has become the strongest opposition in argument. Color has become a pigment of attitude, instead of a mere detail.

Isn’t it sad that we have dropped to an immaturity where colors are equated with status? If you only see things in black and white, then you should be slapped by every blind person who ever walks past you for the rest of your Life. I think the blind of the world are the ones who have the most vivid opinion. They create their own imaginative description.

Attitudes have become the staple for color. Every color is believed to have its own attitude and personality. That is where the clash begins, but why can’t we look past the color of the skin? When will Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream actually be accomplished? When will all men be equal? When will we be able to look at the content of each other’s characters? You might be sitting there questioning every word I say, but will you honestly walk out your door and not think one racial remark today?

Isn’t it strange that the only place where the colors of the world can come together and work together successfully for one purpose is in a box of crayons? Black, white, red, yellow, brown, green, pink, etc. all have their own separate purpose and job, but when they come together and work together, they create a beautiful picture. Racism has not found its demise, nor will it, until we find a way to come together to conquer every ignorant insult or racial slur. If you fight the battle alone, then you will only strengthen the beast of diversity. If we come together, the war is already over.