Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I don't have a clue what this is about, sometimes my fingers just start typing and I let them go...

I have so many thoughts going on in my head right now that I literally feel like I’m spinning. Such a galaxy of different topics I want to write about, but where do I start? The spawn of modern social networking and the takeover of technological advancements, the cowardly ways of community facilitators and the cause of war, the battle for minority leader, the ongoing collection of religions, the fast track of gossip, the lack of trust in trust, the distance of relationships, or the bittersweet separation between life and death. Those will work, I’ll start there.

The spawn of modern social networking. There will never be another generation who on the first day of school will go home and try to think of questions to ask the cute boy/girl in class. No, they’ll just go home and with one click find out everything they would ever want to know about that person and more; their likes/dislikes, favorite music/movie/television show, hero, hobbies, jobs, brothers, sisters, family, friends, and even what their summer vacation was like. The next generation’s motor skills will explode with an evolving of faster fingers for typing and texting. I can see a need for speech therapists later on in life, I wonder if they’ll have to e-mail their appointments though. I remember a world where sports, adventures, dreams, and fantasies were played out on a playground much bigger than the television and console buried in your living room. Can you remember when friends could just run down to the house without calling first due the fear of what lies beyond the front door? When did we let technology take over our lives?

Can you remember when judges and police officers were both respected and feared, when those in the military were loved and respected for the job they were doing? I’d like to see the judges who were feared for showing their iron fist in a court room. Should we really have to consider the fact that a death sentence is not humane to someone who took it upon themselves to do the same task to the innocent? I’d like to see a time when a police officer can drive through a neighborhood without the fear of not returning home to the family that night. We’ve all heard the stories of wars that were fought for our freedom, the ones where we went to help others find those freedoms, when martyrs were conquered, and civilizations began; and all of this happened without apology, criticism, protest, or rebuttals. When did the cost of gas become more than the cost of freedom?

Race. Race. Race. Race. I don’t care what color you are, you’re still flesh and blood. And your soul has no color, so when you stand before God put the race card back in your pocket. Whites, blacks, Mexicans, Asians and whatever other color of the rainbow that got off the boat here and found the amazing freedoms this country has to offer need a reality check. The citizenship of this country comes with freedoms that have been taken advantage of. You want to feel bad for a minority? Go give a Native Indian a cookie and apologize for taking everything from them. If you’re white and you made it here because Christopher Columbus made a mistake and found his way to this beautiful country, then thank God. If you’re black and your family made it here on a slave ship and are no longer slaves and can enjoy this beautiful country, then thank God. If you’re Hispanic and made it here however you did and are still here, then thank God. However you made it here be thankful, because somehow God thought so graciously to place in his plan for your life to have you populate this great Country. So Thank God you have a roof over your head, food on your table, and freedom to go wherever you please. And if you’re ungrateful, go back to where your ancestors started out and try to figure out why they moved. 

If you’re thanking God for any of the above, then thank God. Finally, someone who isn’t afraid to show belief in the Almighty! Whatever happened to the Biblical Principles this country was founded on? Open a Bible, nail the Ten Commandments back up on the wall, invite religion into your way of Life, stop believing in a Petri-dish falsification, stop believing in an organized explosion, and stop believing in your primate ancestors. If you want to believe that you evolved from something that doesn’t mind picking and eating the filth off of your companion, then go right ahead with your sick little insights. But if you would open your eyes and take a look around at one absolutely astonishing atmosphere, you would realize that something greater, something of a higher presence, and something almighty had a little bit more to do with this universe than a scientific big bang of evolution ever did.

Gossip, Trust, and Relationships, I think I can tie these together in one paragraph. You listen to false gossip, lose trust, and lose and gain relationships. Wow, summed it up in one sentence. How many stupid people do you know who don’t stay in their own business? I know lots of them; most of them are friends. It’s pathetic really, you put so much trust in those around you, and they’ll turn on you in an instant. They’ll do anything to move up the “social ladder” of Top Friends. Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pale of water, simple story right? These days Jack and Jill would be under interrogation trying to find out the agenda of their relationship. On the front cover of the tabloids, because there may be something brewing in that pale, I wonder how long Jack and Jill would be acquaintances if they weren’t fiction. Would Jill want to take a step back to review the hill and pale to make sure they both coincide with relevance to those around them? Would little Jimmy, Johnny, and James conspire to conjure up some captivating conflict? It happens everywhere, school, church, work, and Life. Here’s a tip: Slap aside gossip, find out whose trust is compassionate and real, and then your relationships will last.

Life and Death, that’s the one that has me in a quandary. Life is good. Simple, right? You’d think so, but why are there so many people who live miserable lives? Forget about bad hair days and the wrong side of the bed, those are nothing. If you think they are, find someone who doesn’t have either and ask them how their life is. Death is the tricky one. People die, that’s one thing you can count on to happen in your life. To be afraid of death should only tell you that you aren’t prepared. And if that’s the truth, I’d reach out and search for your preparations, your purpose, or your plan. Life is so good, but yet when someone is in so much pain and close to death one becomes more of an advocate than the other. Death really can be a diverse situation.

As my head still twirls at an alarming rate, I’ve just realized that my state of confusion has not budged at all. In the buffet of ranting and raving, I’ve just realized there is a galaxy of consistent inaccuracies that really don’t make any sense, but for some celestial reason, they are apart of life. So, while you have your life, live it, love it, and enjoy all the quirky things that make it yours, because you only have it for so long.