Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Bittersweet Separation

In my mind I imagine a new beginning, a time when all of the pieces come together. Happiness finds its way home. Fear, anxiety, and depression get lost in a sea of pleasant tears. Separations of Life bond back together, wounds and scars begin to mend and heal, wrongs turn right, enemies become friends, and death becomes Life. Everyone begins to work together on their problems and situations. Conflicts find their long-awaited demise. Hearts find a nest of hope and satisfaction. A view of Utopia brings hope to the poverty stricken nations. The rich and poor become equal. Races become one. A new maturity finds its way to the minds of all. Fantasy overflows into the streets of an overwhelmed overjoyed population. Life evolves into an array beauty.

In my eyes I see a reality, a world puzzled into never-ending torment. Arrogance demolishes every hope of confidence. Wars rage into political, spiritual, emotional, and physical battles that have been fought by so many and won by none. Old and young, blacks and whites, mature and immature, ignorant and genius, are separated by attitude rather than distinction. Hearts crumble into millions of pieces from the let down of relationships. Tears of pain, sadness, and hate flood the enriched emotional plains that once covered such a seamless environment. Families and friends are torn apart and left in a lifeless puddle of depression. Searching for the answer that will turn all the deceased happiness only leaves us lost in a forest of tree-topping anguish. Life evolves into an array of the damned.

A separation of imagination and reality, is there any way to unleash the courageous imagination so that it may break out and conquer the infamous reality? Can we tear down the walls that hold our imagination back? Can we come together in one mind and in one accord and bring this world to a kingdom of enlightenment? Bury hatred, fear, anxiety, depression, wars, conflicts, sin, sadness, and every other terrible diseased evil that has polluted our land. It will be a long and treacherous path. We will find our happiness. All of this will become a bittersweet memory.