Sunday, September 25, 2011


I drive in the black of night, indulged in the confusion of what direction to take. I find myself locked in a thoughtless drive into an unknown territory. The only one on the road caught up in an endless journey through the paths of my mind. Down a road that has no map, no lights, only a four way stop with an illustrious quandary of which way to go. 

To keep on the road in the same direction of whence I have been traveling offers little hope, but offers consistency in the Life I lead. 

Left or right offers an unknown path which could lead to new direction, new hope, new dreams, new light, new situations, new problems, new opportunities. Either path offers either a desired or damned fate. 

The last path takes me back down the road, experiences, and events that make me who I am. It offers reflection on my Life, but how will that help for me to critique my past decisions. 

A four way stop with the fate of my Life waiting in the balance. 

Which way?