Monday, September 26, 2011

Lost Pain.

We all have a pain. A pain that wont go away, its been there for so long. It started when we saw a friend get hurt or when we were hurt. The worst pains started when we lost that one person, the one who meant so much to us. There is emptiness in our hearts from where they were. We use pictures, videos, or letters to keep them alive in our minds, but material such as these can be lost. We look to the memories with hope that they will come back. We look back to the first time we saw them. We look back to the first hug, the first kiss, the first time we looked into their eyes. Memories can bring times of sorrow, joy or happiness, or sometimes even a bit of wisdom. We feel that our lives will never be complete without someone to fill the void in our lives. No matter where we look we must never forget them. Pictures will be lost and Memories will fade, but they will forever live in our hearts. They are still there. They still watch us, just like they used to. If we wait for the right time, we will see them again.