Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What a Wonder.

My mind wonders into the black hole of curiosity. It wonders straight toward the endless questions and decisions I will be challenged to accept or decline. Where will the next step take me? What will the next day bring me? Who will be the next person I meet? What will be the next thing I see? So many questions in life, but where are the answers? There is no Teacher's Guide to Life's Little Questions. Some might say the answers are in the Bible, but first patience must be attained in order to learn the lessons of such a book. The simple thought of not knowing what the next second holds could be a mere nightmare for some, and as well it should be. Spontaneous can be fun and amusing, but not knowing what is in door number 1, 2, or 3 could be the most tremendous moments in your life or could possibly be the most treacherous. Memories will be made both filled with visions of utopia and filled with visions of a dreadful underworld. 

At times my mind wonders into the curiosity of what it would be like to watch my own Life from far away. Would I be ecstatic or captivated about the things I see, or Would I be discontent towards such a hopeless sight? 

Our lives are our own. We should worry about what we look like, and not worry about what others opinions of us are. No one should crumble to the fact that someone implies a notch in our lives. 
Live for Yourself, Live for God, Life for the Result, and Live until the End.