Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Im letting myself have a bad day, and I cant get away from it.

I anticipate and hope for things that I know will take patience and time. I let them disappoint me; even though I know the day will not be right around the corner. The day has yet to come, and it will be forever before it is here. What am I to learn from this down time? Not to enjoy the moment too much; have fun, but not too much; live life, but not completely; or take a deep breath and relax, but only for a brief part of a second. What is the feeling of bliss, happiness, and contempt? Does it feel like love, or is it completely different? What does love even feel like? When does the pain stop and the light begin? Who answers these questions? The answer that comes to mind, of course, is God. But when will he answer the questions? The clock is in its last hour, and I have no answers. I have not been relieved of the pressure that floods my heart. The seconds drift away. One by One. Until The Last Drop Of Sand Has Fallen. . . Stay Driven Until The End.