Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What Freedom?

We never know when that last day will come. We never think about who we will lose next. We wonder what the reasons are that we lose each other. In what line in of God’s paragraph of our lives does it state that we are to live with such hard times in our lives? These days all we see is destruction, loss, and a never ending battle of Life. We lose friends and family. We lose hope and happiness. We have all prayed and voted for peace. The prayer brings hope. The votes bring war. Both with intentions of peace, but both only bring temporary peace. When will the day come when we will all be able to sit back and not worry about our days? Some day we will all be able to come together for more of a reason than that of a terrifying day of foolish terrorist acts, foreign or domestic. Some day we will no longer worry about what he or she thinks of us. Some day there will be no more conflicts of politics, racism, sexuality, humanity, or spirituality. We have all had our hard times. We all deserve a break. A break from the headaches of our simple sibling fights, to our racists battles, to our country wars, to our world environment. The end will bring a new beginning. For some it will bring a state of confusion, and for other it will bring a state of bliss. Freedom has been fought over by many and succeeded by few. Most have taken it for granted. Everyone desires that certain freedom from different situations, from burdens, to debts, to relationships, to contracts, and to lives. Don’t regret your days. Don’t regret your mistakes. Don’t regret your wars. Freedoms have been taken. Happiness has been achieved. Lives have been given. Everything that we have has been attained from a sacrifice that someone has made. Enjoy it, because you never know when you could lose it.