Monday, September 26, 2011


All our Life we struggle. We struggle through our days searching for the bit of pure happiness that will lead us to a destination of bliss. We struggle through our days searching for the path that will lead us to the gift of patience. We struggle with the problems and quarrels of our lives that fall on these paths. Pushing through the wreckage of our fallen hours, we stride to find the link that will forever lock us into perfection. With each struggling moment we cannot forget where we are going. Set your Life higher than it has ever been. Never lose sight of your goals. Push forward toward your accomplishments. Go to the extra for your achievements. Endure the torture of the enemy. Make your Life complete. Never stop desiring what is ahead. Never settle. Climb to the next level. Fight your way to the top. Live your Life so that your legacy will live on. Live your Life until the end of days.