Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Reality Questions

Happiness is very hard to find these days. Most of the time we all wear a façade, covering the pain and hurt we live with day to day. Every day brings new pain, new hurt, and new depression, yet we try to cover it up with a forged fantasy life. Evils rise up all around ready to strike us down. 

Wars rage on and on, until all that’s left are poverty stricken nations. We build cities and then destroy them because apparently that’s the only way to bring about peace anymore, but does it really? Murders, theft, and other crimes occur every second of the day, so we utilize authorities to patrol our cities and states, but does this really work? 

Alcohol and drugs are used in hopes of a momentary high and escape. Not only do these tear down our bodies and minds, but they have also begun to rip away at our friends and family. Over time alcohol and drugs overrun our lives, crush our hopes and dreams, and blind us to the warning of our loved ones. We have placed regularities and restrictions on them, but does any of it curb underage drinking or deaths by accidents? 

Promiscuity has become a common lifestyle, and it is ruining the lives of many. Teen pregnancies are at an all time high and the teenage years are lost to children caring for their own children. High schools are building preschools for the children of students. Parents and guardians warn their children against such acts, but does this really help? 

Sexual perversion has grasped everything. You can not escape it. Marketing companies implement innuendoes into their promotional campaigns, just because sex sells. They have tried to make advertisements more appealing to all, but does this help in any way? 
Spirituality used to be an issue of which religion was right. Now it’s an issue of IS religion right. Somehow, questioning whether or not there is a God has become one of the biggest issues we all face. I don’t know about you, but with the increasing amounts of deaths, wars, environmental problems, and all other destructive situations we are facing, I like having God on my side, and I would be lost if I had to wonder whether or not he exists. Some people try to cram religion down the throats of the lost, but does will this really help?

You should not have to think about what the answers to these questions are. There has to be a way to rid the world of the wars, and to bring about peace. There has to be a way to stop the killing, the physical abuse, and the mental anguish. There has to be a way to stop the perversion of our civilization, and keep our children safe from the perverse ways. There has to be a way to keep God in our schools, courthouses, and churches, and gain a spiritual and emotional peace. There has to be a way to crush the evils that are tearing down our families and friendships.