Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Breakdown

How is it that on such a beautiful night everything can be ravaged and ripped to a nothing? A heart with so much compassion can be tossed aside as if to be a scrap to a dog. Even from someone who is viewed as a glorious angel in the eyes of a fool. Yet the fool is deceived into perfection by the angel, who shortly depicts perfection as nothing. The fool being confused would have never dreamed of an angel so beautiful and wonderful to have the power to vanish his spirit. Soon the end of the fool’s time began to draw nigh. He would disappear with out hearing any sound of regret from the angel, not a word, not a sign of fret, not even a sigh. As the site of his home arrives in the distance the fool begins to ponder his time of this night. He begins to see that his Life had been crushed right before his very eyes. Some would ask him why such a time of small proportions would matter, but for that brief time in his Life he was strengthened and built up, only to have it shatter and crumble into a bottomless pit of sadness. His eyes become heavy with stress of dry tears. At one time they streamed with an abundance of joy, sadness, and fear, but this night his eyes had become a vast desert. At that point he feared that he might never be able to release the fountains that once caressed his view. His fear grew into a dry empty whole, which would soon swallow the very depths of the place where his hopes and dreams once rested. The moment of relief would come at the end, when his heart would be broken.