Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Blind Curiosity

The imagination creates some of the most incredible things. The one thing that fascinates me the most is ability to create dreams, nightmares, and fantasies; the events that keep us entertained while we sleep. Such visions can create some of our highest goals, our darkest fears, or our deepest secrets. They make us smile and cry. All are made possible by our imagination. 

Our eyes greatly contribute to the dream process. Our minds create memories. While our imaginations take the memories and either smooths them out, twists them up, or stretches them. Our eyes play a key roll in giving our imagination resources. The best part about the eyes is that if you look around and then close your eyes you can still imagine what you were looking at.

The one thing that puzzles me the most is what about the blind, those who have never had sight, and those who have been blind since the day they were born. Not being able to look around because of a consistent darkness. Not knowing their surrounding. Not knowing what is out there. With this thought in mind I am curious as to what they see when they sleep. Having no vision is it possible for their imagination to think up objects, people, faces, settings, and colors. I am sure that they can feel the object and try to project a mental image, but it would be hard to get a full-scale perspective. 

My question is simple.

What do the blind see when they dream?